1. General

    1. Polite and respectful interaction with each other is required.

    2. Working TeamSpeak3 is obligatory to participate in our fleets.

    3. The Teamspeak name must match you'r character name in EVE Online.

    4. Alpha Accounts are not allowed.

  2. Fleet

    1. Fleets may only be led by an official F.I.N. FC.

    2. Only the F.I.N. Team provides Booster ships.

    3. The instructions of the active FC are to be followed. Failure to comply will result in exclusion from the current fleet. In case of recurrence, we reserve the right to permanently exclude the player from F.I.N. Fleets.

    4. Partial tasks (tagging, warp out, runner, etc.) can be transferred from senior FC to experienced fleet members.

    5. In front of a warp gate, only fleet commands are allowed and small talk is forbidden.

    6. If you join a running fleet, be wary of catching FC's permission.

    7. Who pauses / leaves the fleet has to tell that to the FC and must move themselve on an AFK position in the fleet.

    8. Parallel activities (watching movies, PVP, salvaging, etc.) which impair one's own role / tasks are to be avoided.

  3. Fittings

    1. The ships must be fitted according to our specifications. There are different variants available for this. The minimum (starter fitting) may not be undercut. In the long run, the optimal (Expert Fitting) should be strived for.

    2. Discussions about the required fittings are not permitted. Suggestions, ideas, improvements, wishes, .. are to be sent via Mail to an FC.

    3. Each player must use faction or T2 ammunition. T1 ammunition is not allowed. Please unload T1 ammunition at the dockup station to avoid misunderstandings.

    4. To improve the fleet, the given modules / implants are to be aimed for as quickly as possible.

  4. Player

    1. Real players must be given precedence over boxes. Normally u can join the fleet to the next site.

    2. Free spaces can be filled by multiboxer if needed. The head FC decides.

    3. At the beginning of each fleet or after longer breaks (> 15min), all fleet seats are evenly distributed to all players.

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