published at: 10.06.2018 18:00
from: DCObeY Moussou

Good evening pilots,
we were able to enhance our FC team serveral times.                                                                            

Dominic Hawkins has passed his trial period with flying colors and is now a Full FC.
Furthermore, we ware able to win Tyria Mastris as new trainee FC.
Last but not least, Ben Kumamato is back from his forced break due to internet problems.                     

We look forward to a good and fruitful cooperation
o/ fly safe

published at: 02.04.2018 10:00
from: Mister Riddle

Since 9 September 2017, the Free Incursion Network has reopened its doors and is the last German-speaking community to hold the flag higher up.

After the last two German Incursion groups disbanded in April and later in August 2017, F. I. N. merged under new management and with some old faces and resumed operations. Since then we fly regularly Assault Incursions and more frequent Headquarters.

Our goal is to create a comfortable environment for German and English speaking pilots as well as beginners and old-established pilots to earn ISK safely and effectively. With our beginner fittings in different variations we like to introduce new players into the world of EVE Online Incursion. We also offer FC training for interested capsule pilots.

On our website you will find the fitting overview, instructions, news about EVE Online and F. I. N., the rules and an overview of the FC team.

o/ and on successful years the F. I. N. Team

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