published at: 08.17.2019 08:00
from: Mister Riddle
Hello Incursion pilots o/


The new fittings are finished.
You can find them in the following amiling lists or on our website:
The fitting channels are no longer in use and can be removed.

As before, the STARTER fitting is the minimum requirement. Please have a look at all variations.
If, for example, T2 weapons are already mounted on the starter fitting, no T1 weapons may be used ;)

Furthermore, when shopping, make sure to compare the prices of the Faction / Deadspace modules (Tracking Computer, Sensor Booster, Magnatic Field Rod, Heat Sink, Gyrostabilizer and Damage Control). These have the same values but not always the same price.

ATTENTION: at Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane the Federation Navy and Shadow Serpentis have LESS values. Please use only Imperial Navy, Dark Blood, Ammatar Navy, Khanid Navy or True Sansha. With Deadspace it makes no difference whether you use Corpum, Corelum or Centum.

The Deadspace Microwarpdrives and Afterburner have different fitting requirements (Powergrid / CPU). If both variants (Pith / Gist) fit it is up to you which one you use.

Logistic Pilots:

The cruisers Logis (Oneiros / Guardian) have to run stable. Exception Guardian only 5 of the 6 highslot modules active, if all highslot modules are active this should be stable for at least 2 minutes.

The Nestor may only be flown by verified logistic pilots (in Teamspeak the group "Logistic-Expert") because this ship replaces the power of 2 Cruiser Logis. This means that you first have to prove yourself in a Cruiser Logi. If we think that you have done your job properly, the FC team will approach you. So please don't ask us every evening if you can fly Nestor ;)

Expert Fitting:

For the DPS & Nestor Expert Fittings ALL Armor Compenstation Skills must be at level 5. If you haven't reached this level yet please stay with the Improved Fitting!


If you have reached the Improved or Expert Fitting you should buy the implants to get the last percent out of your ship. Please start with the Imps for Damage / Cap and do the Ascendancy Set last. As soon as you have equipped the clone with Ascendancy's please make a screenshot (character name visible) and send it to one of the active FC's so we can assign you the group on the Teamspeak.

Fleet joining:

If you want to join the fleet make an X + Aktuells fitting in the F.I.N. Channel when we build or fly the fleet.

As soon as you fly an Expert fitting with T2 weapons you will get the "Expert" group in Teamspeak and don't have to link your fitting to join anymore.

Fleet times:

After the summer break we will return to our usual times and offer a fleet daily (if there is a focus) from 18:00 - 19:00.

Please also be aware that due to the change from CCP (only one highsec focus left), some 30+ jumps have to be made to the next focus.
Therefore we recommend to have a ship with rigs at every Highsec faction and only move the modules with a fast transport ship.

FC Team:

The change to Armor we have, within the Leadership, also taken as an occasion to clean up a bit.
Captain Sabezan is no longer part of the FC management / FC Team.

The remaining team looks like this:
Leader: DCObeY Moussou, Mister Riddle
FC's: Eden Anzomi, Johni Dark, Milonea
Inactive: Freyja Alland, Dominic Hawkins, Tyria Mastris, Drizzd, Ender Aldruin

The inactive FC's are cordially invited to come back and get their post back after another check ;)

We are also looking for more FC's. If you are interested in a FC training, please contact Mister Riddle.

In the end there is not much more to say except
fly safe o/

published at: 07.23.2019 19:40
from: DCObeY Moussou
Hello pilots,

the F.I.N. Team has decided to continue flying with an Armor Doctrine from October on.
However, the following skills have to be learned:


Nestor: Amarr Battleship 4-5 / Gallente Battleship 3-5 (+MWD)
Guardian: Amarr Cruiser 5 / Capacitor Emission Systems 5
Oneiros: Gallente Cruiser 5 / Sensor Linking 4-5
Alle Logis: Remote Armor Repair Systems 5 / Advanced Target Management 3

Alle Schiffsklassen:

Level 4 better 5
Armor Layering (when the fitting contains a armor plate)
EM Armor Compensation
Kinetic Armor Compensation
Explosive Armor Compensation
Thermal Armor Compensation
Hull Upgrades
Remote Armor Repair Systems

For the Barghest we will only allow transition fittings. 1 month from fleet start this type of ship will no longer be used.

We'll always fly Prop Mod on Armor. Everyone should have learned the skills by now. NM use an AB like before. All others use the MWD.

The new fittings will be available as soon as possible.
You can plan to convert the DPS ships to Armor for about 500 million to 1 billion ISK.

Fly rich
the F.I.N. Team

published at: 06.14.2019 10:00
from: Mister Riddle
o7 capsule pilots,

the F.I.N. Team is going on summer break.
This weekend the normal fleet operation will take place. After that we start again from the 5th october 2019.

fly rich
the FIN Team

published at: 04.15.2019 12:00
from: DCObeY Moussou
o7 capsule pilots,

the Free Incursion Network will take a break for easter.
Our next fleet will start on wednesday 8. May 2019 at 17:30 EvE Time (UTC)

fly rich
the FIN Team

published at: 02.04.2019 16:00
from: Mister Riddle
o7 capsule pilots,

the Free Incursion Network adapts its fleet times to the current player situation. From now on, fleets take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 18 ET.

The dockup for the Friday fleet will be determined on Wednesdays or Thursdays at the latest so that you can travel in time. As soon as our player strength allows it again we go back to our old fleet times.

We will still fly Assault sites

fly safe the FIN Team

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