published at: 07.23.2019 19:40
from: DCObeY Moussou
Hello pilots,

the F.I.N. Team has decided to continue flying with an Armor Doctrine from October on.
However, the following skills have to be learned:


Nestor: Amarr Battleship 4-5 / Gallente Battleship 3-5 (+MWD)
Guardian: Amarr Cruiser 5 / Capacitor Emission Systems 5
Oneiros: Gallente Cruiser 5 / Sensor Linking 4-5
Alle Logis: Remote Armor Repair Systems 5 / Advanced Target Management 3

Alle Schiffsklassen:

Level 4 better 5
Armor Layering (when the fitting contains a armor plate)
EM Armor Compensation
Kinetic Armor Compensation
Explosive Armor Compensation
Thermal Armor Compensation
Hull Upgrades
Remote Armor Repair Systems

For the Barghest we will only allow transition fittings. 1 month from fleet start this type of ship will no longer be used.

We'll always fly Prop Mod on Armor. Everyone should have learned the skills by now. NM use an AB like before. All others use the MWD.

The new fittings will be available as soon as possible.
You can plan to convert the DPS ships to Armor for about 500 million to 1 billion ISK.

Fly rich
the F.I.N. Team

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