Noob friendly

We are always anxious to make Incursion flying beginner friendly. Fittings are available which can be used after a few weeks of skill time.

Professional team

The F. I. N. team consists of experienced and competent members who have several years of experience in Incursions and general fleets in EVE.

FC training

In order to have a standard level of fleets and qualified FCs, we offer a community internal training program for interested capsule pilots.

To all capsule pilots,

who are looking for an active German Incursion Community, we at F. I. N. are always looking for new members and like to take everyone with us. On this website you can find anything you need to fly with us - fittings, implants, rules, functionality of the incursion.

We usually start during the week at 7 pm german time, on weekends or holidays earlier and longer! The specifications in the F. I. N. Channel MOTD are given in the EVE server time (UTC).

The important information at a glance:

Alpha clones unfortunately can't fly with us because of there impaired skills.

Hope to see YOU soon,

you'r F.I.N. Team

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